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The Iron Sight Way

The name Iron Sight is inspired by the skill, focus, determination, resilience, and practice it takes to become masterful when shooting a rifle to hit a target with precision, using no assistance other than the weapon’s basic iron sights. It is also a homage to our founding team’s deep military background and culture.

The traits needed to become a legendary rifleman were resonant with what we needed to successfully build a business and brand, one that could set that high bar of world-class excellence.

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Our mission is to be a stabilizing industry force in all communities or markets we enter, an industry leader in product quality and innovation that attracts top talent and helps make them legendary, and a brand that builds unshakable long-lasting value-driven business relationships.



We’re a team of Veteran and Tech-Ag entrepreneurs with a deep history as ranchers, farmers, and technologists.

We started in the industry by helping launch one of Oregon’s first fully accredited hemp and cannabis testing labs, shaping state regulations and policies while building industry relationships state-wide. We used that experience to enhance and refine the strategies we use on our farm today.

Under the Iron Sight banner, we’ve acquired generational farmland half a degree from the 45th parallel, one of the best places to grow hemp in the world. Our founding team has a lifetime of experience managing and operating in the farm and ranch world, which we’ve combined with the command and control process-driven discipline of our military background creating a unique and very effective system of business operations.

This approach allows us to consistently produce the highest quality products amongst ever-changing regulatory hurdles and nuanced hemp growing atmospherics, time and time again.

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