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Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ball

Daniel has a long history of leading, innovating, and finding creative growth-driven solutions to strategically expand early brands resulting in numerous successful startups and many new award-winning team launches. Recently he helped lead an Oregon Cannabis Testing Lab from startup in early-stage to the State’s 5th largest full-suite accredited lab in 13 months while navigating complex and quickly changing regulations, product marketplace inconsistency, and strict ORELAP and OLCC guidelines.

He also co-founded and launched what is now the US’s largest military only online sports and gaming leagues, he’s built over 10 award-winning technology teams for T-Mobile in the private sector and managed over $250 million of ground and airborne assets while serving as an Army Non-Commissioned Officer for an intelligence-based counterterrorism unit on the government side earning several above rank accolades.

He has a strong understanding of strengths-based performance management, lean growth practices, an expert understanding of technology integration, and an industry-leading knowledge of the Oregon, California, and Colorado recreational, medical, and hemp markets.

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Co-founder & Director of AgriTech R&D

Bryant Thornton

Bryant is an experienced cyber professional and passionate entrepreneur. He got his start as a Signals Intelligence Analyst where he worked closely with Daniel on digital communication protocols, threat analysis, and big data analysis.

After leaving the military, he joined a DC-based government contracting firm as a cyber threat analyst where he contributed to a technology-focused spinoff from the larger firm called Dark Wolf. He differentiated his skill and ability under Dark Wolf quickly gaining a senior analyst position, supporting some early company wins like number 1 at BSides DC 2016 and 2018, and winner of DEFCON 2017. He went on to become a subject matter expert on cyber threat hunting, data analysis, blockchain security, and blockchain project viability analysis, earning him the flexibility to operate as an independent blockchain liaison for the firm while pursuing his own company startup plans.

Bryant brings a unique approach to data analytics and technology R&D for our ag-tech division which expands beyond hemp into other commodities and crops.

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Director of Operations

David Hamilton

David has been an operations and logistics leader for over a decade with a strong entrepreneurial background and obsession for education and improvement. His professional career started as an Infantry Combat Marine in the US Marine Corps where he saw firsthand the benefit of efficient command and control structures for large-scale logistic and operational needs. Since that time he has owned his own businesses including a logistics company in the Bakken Shale area servicing fracking companies onsite and off-grid, leveraging his experience from the military to quickly grow their footprint and transport capabilities.

Later he went back to school to add a technology edge to his skillset, finishing as Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science. During this focus on continued education, he started up a Personal Training company, became a Certified Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition, a Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) facilitator, and gained a 6-month professional diploma through National Personal Training Institute.

Today David joins the team with a focus on health mindedness and a strong understanding of large-scale operational efficiency strategies and regimented rapid-execution logistics for transport and remote services deployment.

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Director of Marketing

Emily Green

Emily has a keen marketing mind which grew from her experience as a photographer where she spent over 20 years cultivating an artistic eye by shooting everything from weddings to large cause-driven events, to farm and ranch, and much more between. She also understands the farm and ranch business very well herself having raised horses and cattle growing up and running her own artisan hemp brand, growing and cultivating on her own soil since the beginning of the commercial hemp market going live in Oregon.

Ms. Green also has a love for volunteerism and cause-driven missions. She’s spent most of her life volunteering for various charities since the time she was a teenager. She continues that legacy today, volunteering at a local horse rescue lending her marketing and photography expertise where needed.

Emily is a big proponent of Iron Sight’s mission to support warfighters and first responders through better access to natural remedies like CBD and other cannabinoid products. She brings a seasoned and unique perspective to our brand and a refreshing marketing approach to our cause-driven efforts.

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Community Manager

Ashley Muñoz

Ashley is an experienced entrepreneur, Amazon Top 50 bestselling romance author, prolific online community builder, indie author expert, and guru on all things social media including digital ads and unique monetization strategies.

Mrs. Muñoz started her professional career working for Fortune 500 company T-Mobile where she excelled at customer retention and acquisition campaigns for corporate operations and later for retail.

Since that time she started her own writing and publishing brand, bringing together 10s of thousands of fans, building a network of thousands of indie authors, and having breakout traction with 1 of 12 novels and novellas in two short years making it to the Amazon Top 50 Reading List across all categories.

She brings her passion for community building and brilliant content strategies to the team heading up our social and community engagement.

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Hemp Processing Manager

Amanda Smith

Amanda is an entrepreneur, leader, and expert on everything hospitality, hemp, cannabis, and coffee. She brings extensive management and leadership experience that is unmatched in balancing her drive of performance and the support of her team.

Most recently she led the processing and trimming operations of a large cannabis farm in Oregon, highlighting her keen understanding that next-level execution is a solid balance of speed, efficiency, and quality. Her ability to not only produce some of the highest quality and fastest trimmed products but also train her team to hit those same marks while passing on her eye for the hemp plant’s readiness to be harvested is what sets her apart in this industry.

She combines her battle-proven industry production experience with over 20+ years of retail and hospitality know-how adding an unbeatable competitive edge to our product line from field to sale.

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